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Axle Bending

Let our axle bending service extend the life of your tires!

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Axle with zero camber

Are you experiencing continual wear on the inside of your trailer tires?

Do you wish there was a way to help reduce that and extend the life of your tires beyond what just an alignment and repairs can do?

Well, there is a solution.  Here at Laserline we have the ability to bend your axle to create a positive camber and toe.  

How does this help extend the life of your tires beyond an alignment and repairs?

When an alignment is done on your trailer it lines the trailer up to ride straight behind your truck. But what an alignment does not fix is the negative camber or negative toe in the axle.  A trailer axle generally has a zero or close to zero camber.   

Over time the axle can sag. It can also develop a negative toe angle. When you get the combination of a negative toe and a negative camber it causes the inside shoulder of the tire to wear prematurely. Then when the axle is put under a heavy load it can cause even further flexing in the axle, therefore, leading to even more excessive inside shoulder wear. 

Under a heavy load

Creating a negative camber

With our portable press we can add a positive camber and a positive toe, effectively allowing your trailer axle to return to a zero camber when under a heavy load. This reduces the friction and pressure on the inside shoulder of your tire maximizing the life of your tires. 

Positive camber

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